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GRMacGeek is Raimo Karhunen

I am a Canadian born transplant, now residing in Jenison. I moved to the Grand Rapids area in 1998 (from New York City), met a wonderful woman from Grand Haven, and married her in 2001. I am now a West Michigander for life!

I have always happily carried the title of technology geek from a young age, and have owned (and ripped apart to figure out how they work...) pretty much every type of personal computer ever built! I have always been a bit of an Apple snob, going back to the Apple II+ I bought with my summer job money back in high school, all the way through various iMac's, Apple clones, PowerPC's, and through to my MacBook's, Mac Mini's, and now iPad's and iPhones as well.

I have always been a Mac advocate, and have "convinced" many of my business associates and friends over the years into buying and using Mac's. Along the way, I have become "tech support" for an ever increasing group of people, teaching them how to best use their new machines, consulting on new purchases, and doing light repair work and upgrades.

Website design happened originally as an accident. In my previous career, I worked closely with small businesses, helping them find ways to lower their costs when taking payments from customers. One of the things I would uncover more often that not, was that many business owners were being overcharged by many of their vendors, including their website providers. So when a friend of mine was looking for a website for his growing business, he started pricing them out, and received many ridiculously high bids! A bit angered by these quotes, I offered to build it at less than a third of the lowest bid. It turned out great, and that website turned into 6 referrals for websites, and those websites are bringing in more referrals, and so on... GRMacGeek, the website designer was born.

Now, I am fully involved with websites from start to finish, and beyond.
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Contact me today!
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